LPL - FITES 2018


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CS:GO Sponsored by Club Conflict rules:

- The Tournament Officials have the final say and can make rule changes on the spot - Matches must start within 10 minutes from the server announcement - Good sportsmanship is expected - Recording of player demos is required by each player (in console type record demoname.dem) - GOTV is enabled and on a 1 minute delay - Ingame voice will be broadcast on GOTV, 3rd Party Voice Communication is encouraged - Verbal abuse over mic/chat and or racism is not tolerated - Names are Subject to Approval (No racist/swear words in names) - No spectators are allowed during match play other than Tournament Officials - No illegal boosts or exploits that allow a team to see through walls - Please keep ingame voice and chat comments clean - Each Team gets (2) Timeouts, (1) per half that can be used during regulation play. - Pauses can be called at any time for player drops/reconnects/subbing - Please be courteous to the other team and tell them the reason for the pause - To call for a pause type .pause in chat. - If a pause is called after freezetime, the action does not stop rather continue the round. - The pause will take effect during the next rounds freezetime . - To unpause type .unpause in chat. - Pauses are asked to be no more than 5 minutes. - Teams will knife for sides. The winner of knife round will type .swap or .stay - After choosing sides, three restarts will happen and the match will go LIVE - Teams are automatically switched after the first half and match play resumes after 10 seconds - First team to win (16) rounds will win the match - in the event of a tie, overtime will take place, teams begin on the side they are currently on - In the event of overtime, a 10 second OT Intermission will take place and then the OT will begin - Overtime money is set at $10,000 start money - Teams must play (3) rounds and are switched automatically. - Semi-Final and Finals teams will compete in best of 3 maps that are vetoed by Team Captains. Club Conflict Match Mod Commands: - .SETUP – Person who types .setup becomes match leader and selects the menu options - .CAPT – Match leader can select Captains by typing .capt and selecting names from the menu - .LEADER – Select a new match leader - .CANCEL – Match leader can cancel setup by typing .cancel and selecting menu option #2 - .ENDGAME- Match leader can cancel setup by typing .cancel and selecting menu option #2 - .READY- Type .ready in chat to ready up (all players and spectators must ready up) - .NOTREADY- Type .notready to change your ready up status to not ready - .PAUSE – If typed after freezetime, match pauses during next rounds freezetime - .UNPAUSE – Team that paused can type .unpause, one opponent must also type .unpause - .SWAP- Winner of the knife round can type .swap to change sides - .STAY- Winner of the knife round can type .stay to keep sides - .HELP- Displays commands available to match leader Server CVARS: tickrate 128 Roundtime 1:45 Bomb Timer 35 seconds Freezetime 10 seconds Buytime 20 seconds

CS:GO Sponsored by Club Conflict - Teams

Pa Killing Squad
  • XburritosmashX
  • Blackwater0237
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
  • Otis
  • ZX
  • Octy
  • tyger
  • BroBro
sloth boys
  • hedonismbot
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot
Stoop Kids
  • The Benjamins
  • ThePandaNinja
  • Another Pig
  • [TB]tgibb92
  • Whale
Team Blitzkrieg
  • TheSleepiestLlama
  • Yeticorn
  • Future Matt
  • Korbrm
  • Open Slot
Young Guns
  • Virus
  • Jesus Take The Wheel
  • TheCandyVan
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot